Downtown Additional Diagonal Parking and Re-Striping Parking Stalls

The City of San Juan Bautista is beginning the work on Downtown Additional Diagonal Parking Project between Pierce Lane and Muckelemi Street Project.

The scope of work includes adding additional parking at the following locations: The Alameda & Pierce Lane and Muckelemi and 4th Street. In addition to adding diagonal parking, the T markings for parking stalls along 3rd St between Muckelemi St and Franklin St will be re-striped as well.

This project is anticipated to be completed in one week, August 2nd through August 6th, 2021. The work hours will occur Monday Through Friday between 7-5. Public Works Department will post "No Parking" signs 72 hours in advance of work beginning. The "No Parking" signs will be in effect on the day of cat tracking* and striping.

The first day of work consist of cat tracking. The second day of the operation will be striping the new diagonal parking and re-striping the T markings for the Downtown parking stalls.

If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to call us at City Hall, (831) 623-4661.

Diagonal parking image