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Capabilities & Duties in the City of San Juan Bautista
Kysmet Security & Patrol, Inc. will provide monitoring of all properties assigned by the City and within city limits of San Juan Bautista, California. All suspicious persons shall be approached, questioned and if crime is suspected will notify the San Benito County Sheriff's Department. If an in-progress crime is observed, Kysmet Security & Patrol Inc. Officers will observe, assess and if necessary, initiate a citizen’s arrest. All proper departments and/or persons will be notified as soon as the threat has been contained.

  1. Uniformed Security officers are to conduct high visibility, via vehicle and foot patrols within the City limits of San Juan Bautista, C.A. Including but not limited to parking lots and open areas that may pose a threat of loitering.
  2. Uniformed Security officers will be available to assist San Juan Bautista City management and emergency services when needed.
  3. Provide detailed incident reports, along with San Benito County Sheriff's report
    numbers for cross-reference with investigations and/or documentation.
  4. Prepare detailed activity reports to the City Management and/or field supervisor.
  5. Communication radios will be the lines of communication not only among Security officers but with the City Management and local law enforcement to provide a clear and open line of communication to ensure the safety of all parties.
  6. Kysmet Security & Patrol, Inc. will work with City officials to prepare an emergency action plan in the event of an emergency situation. The emergency plan will detail the action to be taken during criminal activity, medical emergencies and or other issues that might arise while on patrol.
  7. Kysmet Security & Patrol, Inc. will have a Security Officer or representative on-call for emergencies and/or natural disaster that may require assistance.
  8. Kysmet Security & Patrol, Inc. will assist local law enforcement as needed.
  9. Kysmet Security & Patrol Inc, will issue warnings to parking violators who do not provide proper signage and enforce all parking enforcement rules as provided by the City.
  10. Kysmet Security & Patrol, Inc. will respond to business alarm notifications and will be billed to the individual client that is under contract with Kysmet Security & Patrol Inc. during contracted patrol hours.
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