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Air BnB / Short Term Rentals

A Short Term Rental, as defined in San Juan Bautista Municipal Code Chapter 3:9: "Short Term Rental" or "STR" means a dwelling unit or dwelling, multifamily, or any portion thereof, rented for occupancy for lodging or sleeping purposes for a period of twenty-nine (29) consecutive days or less.

City of San Juan Bautista Short Term Rental Permit Supplemental Occupancy and Use Standards - Complete (8 pages) Complete Definitions, Guidance, Checklists, Permit Applications, Transient Occupancy Tax Forms, Inspection Checklists and Good Neighbor Contract.
Short Term Rental Permit Supplemental Occupancy and Use Standards (2 pages) Definitions and Guidance for Short Term Rentals
Short-term Rental Permit Checklist and Application (3 pages) The following MUST be included with your new or STR Permit Renewal Application (See checklist and application for details):
Permit Fee
Annual Renewal Fee
Application (2 pages signed)
Proof of Insurance
Monthly Short Term Rental Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Return (1 page) You are required to file this return each month pursuant to San Juan Bautista Municipal Code Sec 3-4-220.
This return accompanied by remittance for taxes imposed must be received on or before the 5th day following the last day of the month.
Make check for tax payable to:
City of San Juan Bautista
PO Box 1420
San Juan Bautista, CA 95045
Short Term Rental Building Inspection Checklist (1 page) If permitting discrepancies are found between the STR project site and the Building Department and Assessor's records, the STR application will be put on hold until the discrepancies are resolved with the Building Department.
Short Term Rental Fire Safety Checklist (2 pages) If, at the time of inspection, a health or safety violation is observed by the inspector, the violation must be corrected prior to final approval from the San Juan Bautista Fire Department.
Good Neighbor Contract (1 page) A fully executed copy of this form for EACH stay shall be kept on file by the Owner/Manager and is subject to periodic audit at reasonable times.