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The public may obtain copies of City of San Juan Bautista documents by submitting a formal request to the City Clerk, pursuant to the California Public Records Request Act (Government Code Sec. 6250-6270).

  1. Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. A Public Records Request form can be faxed to (831) 623-4093; scanned and emailed to:
  2. You will be contacted within ten (10) days regarding the disposition of your request.
  3. Copies will not be provided if disclosure would infringe upon a copyright, or trade secret, or is otherwise exempt in accordance with state law.
  4. Request processing times may vary depending on the amount of documents to be copied and the research required to locate the records. You will be notified in advance of the time required to process your request. Please note that, in most cases, the more specific your request, the shorter the processing time.
  5. The charge for the cost of duplication is $0.25 per page, plus postage. For requests, the requestor may be required to pay a portion or all these costs in advance of commencing the work. You may also bring your copy machine or hire a service to do the copying.

If you have any questions pertaining to the submittal of a Public Records Act request, you may contact the City Clerk at (831) 623-4661 during City Hall hours. Send by fax to (831) 623-4093 or mail your request to PO Box 1420, San Juan Bautista, CA 95045.

Click here for the request form.

Agency Report of Public Official Appointments Form 806
FPPC Form 806: Agency Report of Public Official Appointments

Pursuant to SB 272 (2015)/ Government Code 6270.5
Disclosure of Enterprise System Information

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