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City Manager
Don Reynolds
Office: (831) 623-4661
Fax: (831) 623-4093
311 Second Street
PO Box 1420
San Juan Bautista, CA  95045

“The City Manager shall be responsible for the efficient administration of all the affairs of the City which are under his/her control. The City Manager shall have the power and authority to properly perform any duty assigned to him/her by the City Council or by other process of law.” – SJBMC Chapter 2-2

City Managers Monthly Report:

A message from the City Manager. 

By Don Reynolds, City Manager
As published in the February issue of the Mission Village Voice

Ready or not, here comes the New Year!  As the corner is turned towards 2024, the City is taking note of how much is left to do!

The sewer system is on the mend and under construction, but there is still work to bring better drinking water.  The City remains committed to importing drinking water from the Water District. The six-mile pipeline will start construction in 2024.

The City hired a terrific new Recreation Assistant, and now it is time to get the recreation programs off the ground.  Already plans are being made for 2024.  The Community Hall will be remodeled for better acoustics by the end of January.  2024 will be the year to plan new programs for its daily use by seniors and others. 

The City has started and stopped its economic development efforts.  The New Year brings new opportunity to grow better than before.  As we look at new fire prevention and law enforcement contracts, we are bringing on board a new Public Safety Coordinator.  Recruitment will end in January.  The new part-time administrative assistant recruitment has yielded more than 70-applications. A top priority in 2024 is for this position to help keep the offices open 8-hours a day. 

After being in four different emergency situations at one time this past year (drought, COVID, and two floods), there are high hopes that there will be no state(s) of emergencies in 2024.  The County Office of Emergency Services will provide Certified Emergency Response Training (“CERT”) for residents next year.  The County recently contributed 1,000 sandbags, that are available to residents to fill with sand at the corporate yard on First Street. The City 24-hour emergency line is (831) 902-0887 if you need help after hours.  Who knows what else to expect in 2024?

Happy Holidays from City Hall