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City Manager
Don Reynolds
Office: (831) 623-4661
Fax: (831) 623-4093
311 Second Street
PO Box 1420
San Juan Bautista, CA  95045

“The City Manager shall be responsible for the efficient administration of all the affairs of the City which are under his/her control. The City Manager shall have the power and authority to properly perform any duty assigned to him/her by the City Council or by other process of law.” – SJBMC Chapter 2-2

Recent News:

City Hall's Report Card
By Don Reynolds, City Manager for the September 2021 issue  of Mission Village Voice

"Back to school month" is behind us, and before we know it, report cards will arrive.

Before you get to work on City Hall's report card, starting September 1, 2021, take a look at the City Webpage for the new "Status Report Portal." It will consist of monthly reports provided to the City Council and Planning Commission by the 10th of each month. Reports are submitted from Code Enforcement, the Building Official, Planning Department, Library, and public safety services. The monthly City Manager's report is provided to the City Council at its regular meeting on the third Tuesday of the month. Around the end of each calendar year, we will conduct a simple survey to generate a City "Report Card." Citizen feedback will work directly in to the Mid-Year budget review and be used to adjust the City Council's priorities for the next budget (a fiscal year that begins July 1).

Re-building Community Development continues. The week of August 23, the City Building official changed their hours from being at City Hall two days a week for 8 hours each to being here four mornings a week, Monday - Thursday 9-1 pm. As mentioned last month, we plan to bring two new ordinances forward in September to the Historic Resources Board and Planning Commission: Accessory Dwelling Units and the new process for Short-Term Rentals ("Airbnb").

The Office Assistant position will be filled in September. This position will assume the role of Public Information coordinator (website, social media monitoring, etc.) along with their accounting duties.

The City Council's Ad Hoc Public Safety Committee met for the first time Monday August 16, 2021. This includes Councilmember Scott Freels and Mayor Jordan, who will be the Chair of the Committee. It includes the Historic Resources Chair Medeiros, and Planning Commission Chair Delgado. The "Member at Large" is Rachel Ponce, who was elected to be the Vice Chair. She is accepting community feedback at this email address: CommunityMemberPonce@San-Juan-Bautista.CA.US. This advisory Committee will begin by reviewing the contracts for Fire, Sheriff, and private security, and will review the City's safety organization.

During September and October, the City will consider rate increases to both water and sewer. The City did not raise rates last July 2020, sue to COVID-19. The rate increase will include the cost of the EPA-compliance project that sends our wastewater to Hollister for treatment. In August the City hired a professional grant writer to help reduce the rate-payer's burden.

Lastly, the Verutti Park restrooms and Franklin Circle Park are out to bid in September, with construction to start in late October. Both are grant/developer funded. The new roundabout at Rancho Vista will start construction in September. The new air-conditioning will be installed at the Library this month. And we hope to upgrade the technology in City Council chambers in time to meet both in person and virtually at the October City Council meeting.

Be safe. That's all for now...