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City Manager
Don Reynolds
Office: (831) 623-4661
Fax: (831) 623-4093
311 Second Street
PO Box 1420
San Juan Bautista, CA  95045

“The City Manager shall be responsible for the efficient administration of all the affairs of the City which are under his/her control. The City Manager shall have the power and authority to properly perform any duty assigned to him/her by the City Council or by other process of law.” – SJBMC Chapter 2-2

City Managers Monthly Report: Here

A message from the City Manager. 

Here is a quick summary of the City Manager’s week.

The Planning Commission meeting was adjourned due to a problem with the PC that controls the Zoom functions.  We got it to work with a lap top, but the sound was hard to coordinate between Zoom and the Chambers.  RX Tech is on site today to resolve the issue.  The Planning Commission will resume the meeting on May 9th at 6 PM.

Spent a lot of time on the budget this week.  A presentation of the draft budget will go before the City Council on May 16.   Integrating several recommendations from the Strategic Planning sessions.  The biggest organizational changes are focused on Public Safety.  Meeting again with the Sherriff regarding their contract 5.12.23.  Fire is soliciting bids for a consultant to explore establishing a fire district for the County. Met with Flock Camera Systems, and will receive a proposal for a city-wide security camera system.  A notice was sent in the utility billing announcing the June 2-3 Community meetings with Citygate.  

Scheduling conversations with three neighborhoods regarding their special districts- Copperleaf, Ranch Vista and Creekbridge.  Recommending a cost-of-living increase for two and a lower increase for one.  Everyone is invited to these conversations. Notices will be sent once the date and time are agreed upon.

Spent six (6) hours on Wednesday with FEMA inspecting flood damages from New Year’s.  Seems to be very positive, with help in both the north end of the City and the south.  Initiated the FEMA claim for March damages with bi-weekly meeting and inspections soon to follow.  Sent a protest request to FEMA regarding the COVID-19 claim, when they concluded that most of the City’s expenses were incurred as part of “normal business”!?? The utility bill notice also includes outreach to victims of floods with information connecting residents to FEMA Individual Aide available on line, and at the Strata Verde center in Hollister.  Both in Spanish and English.  Working with Rotary and the Community Foundation to help victims as well.  Responded to the Mission Farms RV Park artesian well concerns and monitoring this with them, as well as inquiry into Cal Trans role in this matter during construction of the by-pass.

Working with the County and Hollister on Broad Band strategies.  Attending regional meetings, and having specific conversations about the use of the City sewer force main trench to Hollister for expanding broadband capacity.

There have been a lot of inquires after posting the sewer force main project for bid.  A mandatory pre-bid meeting is scheduled for May 11.

Welcome Brian H.  Brian is our new maintenance worker, and started on May 2.  This hire is a provisional position using funds budgeted for two part-time positions.  Brian has a lot of drinking water and well experience.  He will be helping with the BBQ this weekend.

Had several in-person conversations this week with business owners concerned about the status of the two Associations.  The May 16th City Council meeting will include the annual report from the San Juan Bautista Business Association (aka San Juan Committee).  I hope I got the name right…lol They report to the City each year during the budget season.  The City has budgeted $20,000 annually since 2018 to help promote downtown.

Working on a $360,000 grant to upgrade Abbe Park fields, lights and amenities, with a suggestion of adding a children’s playground (“tot-lot”) along 4th street (??). The grant application is due to the State June 1st.

I’m happy to respond to questions, or schedule meetings early next week with follow-up conversations.  Brian and Rich are on duty for the Festival this weekend.  

Have a great weekend!