Seventh Street Sewer/Storm Drain Repair Completed

The repairs to the Seventh Street sewer main have been completed. There is no longer intrusion into the storm drain. This repair was successfully completed in-house by our Public Works department. That area of Seventh Street will be repaved and that project is going out to bid now.

Background and an update on the Seventh Street sewer main repairs: A few weeks ago the City Manager noticed standing water at the storm drain between Seventh and Sixth on Polk and had the water tested. The test confirmed sewer intrusion into the storm drain. The CM gave PW direction to investigate. PW determined the earth/ground under the storm line along Seventh Street was super saturated and intruding into the storm drain manhole at the intersection of Seventh and Polk. The CM gave PW direction to pot hole the street and locate the sewer break. On the third pot hole attempt, PW found the 60-year-old concrete sewer transit to be cracked along the bottom and crumbling. This is a major crack, spanning approximately 100 feet. PW also found two lateral connections that were leaking at the tie-in to the main. PW will fix the laterals and continue to replace sections of the sewer transit until there are no longer any leaks. City Staff did external bids for the work and the bids came in at approximately $250,000. CM discussed the scope with the PW supervisor and determined PW could do the job in-house. We are augmenting the PW team with local labor/talent to complete the project.

PW standard operating procedure is to pump frequently and disinfect all standing water.

The job could be completed as early as this week if all the trouble is between Washington and Polk. If there continues to be intrusion coming from the San Jose Street side of Seventh, PW will continue to replace concrete sewer pipe north of Polk.

If you have any questions or concerns, all residents are welcome to call Public Works, City Manager, City Engineer directly to get the facts and perhaps become part of the solution. We are completely open to sharing plans and getting your input. In addition, we offer a formal complaint/recommendation process to initiate action from your City Staff. Complaint/recommendation forms can be found on the City Website. (Citizen Complaint Form) This documentation triggers work orders. The work orders get prioritized and scheduled. The person who launched the complaint will get a call from the office clerk with an ETA for completion and then a final call when work/correction is complete.

Thank you for speaking directly to us, and/or using the complaint process. Staff wants nothing more than to join our residents as one team to continuously improve our City. We have some positive momentum going. Let's keep the team open, direct, positive and productive. City Staff intentions are honorable and we want to work with you to become the best little city in the world.