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322 Third Street – 18th Barrel Wine and Beer Tasting Establishment (Anthony and Monica Ramirez)

Details: The applicant is requesting Site and Design Review approval for a beer and wine tasting establishment which will utilize the adjacent outdoor patio.  The proposed use of the structure is an approved use in the Mixed Use zone, but the use of the outdoor patio will be contingent upon attaining a Conditional Use Permit.  In addition, the project is located in the Historic District, so it is required to undergo review by the Historic Resources Board.

Site and Design Review Permit Documents

Conditional Use Permit Documents

107 Third Street – Richter’s Restaurant and Residential Unit (Greg & Christin Burda)

Details: The property is located in the Mixed Use zone in the Historic District with commercial uses (Anza House and Jardines) on both sides on Third Street and a residential property behind it.  The applicant is requesting Site and Design Review approval for a restaurant and bar on the first floor with a two bedroom/two bathroom residential unit on the second floor.  The proposed use would be a continuance of the previous use, which was an owner-occupied business.

1114 Third Street (Manuel Lopez)

Details: The applicant is requesting site and design review approval for a two story duplex situated on the vacant parcel at 1114 Third Street. The existing 0.1607 acre parcel was created by a minor land division on August 8th, 2006 by the Planning Commission. The minor subdivision fulfilled the conditions of approval by installing street improvements along Third Street including but not limited to curbs, gutters, sidewalks, pavement widening, water meters, fire hydrant and a driveway. The parcel proposed for the duplex has sat vacant since the parcel was created and last year the property owner constructed a stucco fence along the Third Street frontage of the property. In addition, the property owner constructed a retaining wall along the common property line between parcel 1 and 2. (See attached assessor parcel map.)

The proposed duplex conforms to the setbacks, height restrictions and lot coverage. The parcel is an R-2 zoning district, which allows multiple family housing. The exterior architecture features stucco siding with tile roofing. Landscaping in the front yard is drought tolerant shrubbery and plants. Drip irrigation is proposed throughout. There is no lawn or turf areas proposed.

Copperleaf Residential Development

The 12.52- acre Project is located on the north side of Old San Juan Hollister Road, about 300 feet east of the intersection with The Alameda/Salinas Grade Road, in the City of San Juan Bautista, California. State Highway 156 is adjacent to the Project’s northern boundary. There are two entrances to the Project from the Old San Juan Hollister Road. No site access will be available from State Highway 156.

The Copperleaf residential development will consist of 45 new single family residences and with an open space area that includes a drainage retention pond (Lot A). An existing municipal well will be relocated to the southeast corner of the site (Lot B). The homes will meet City R-1 zoning standards that include: minimum lot area (gross) – 7,000 square feet; density range of 0.50 to 5 dwelling units per acre; and building coverage of 40 percent and a floor to area ratio (FAR) of 0.45. In addition, the Project will include curbs, gutter, sidewalks, street trees, landscaping, and street lighting that will complement the other residential neighborhoods in the City. A masonry sound wall (height varies upon location) will be constructed along the Project’s northern boundary with SH 156. A public sidewalk will be provided along Old San Juan Hollister Road.

Project Resolutions

Site and Design Review Documents

Project Attachments
1. Figures
2. Draft Vesting Tentative map (a)
2. Draft Vesting Tentative map (b)
3. Site Photographs
4. Air Quality & Greenhouse Gas Emissions
5. Biological Resources Assessment
6. 100-year Hydraulic Impact Assessment
7. Geotechnical Report
8. Seismic Report
9. Phase I and II Environmental Assessment
10. Noise Assesment
11. Traffic Report


Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration prepared pursuant
to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) regarding the proposed
Rancho Vista Subdivision Project located at the north end of the City of
San Juan Bautista on the west side of the San Juan Highway.

Site and Design Review Documents

Other Project Documents

D’Ambrosio Vista Development

D’Ambrosio Vista, a planned unit development housing complex consists of 27 units, situated on 4.96 acres at the west end of Third Street.

D’Ambrosio Vista MND

Newly Adopted Sign Ordinance

Review the newly adopted SIGN ORDINANCE.

On April 21, 2015, the City Council adopted its final sign ordinance. The City encourages merchants to review this ordinance prior to making signs to promote businesses. See also:

Service Station, Convenience Store, and Quick Serve Restaurant

Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial study prepared pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) regarding the fuel station, convenience store, and quick serve at 404-408 The Alameda.

Notice of Intent to Adopt Initial Study and MNDrevised


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