Planning 2

Planning & Building Applications

Building Permit Application
Conditional Use Permit Application
Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury
Encroachment Permit Application
Environmental Information
Final Map Compliance – (5 or more lots created)
Historic Resource Design Review – Major Projects
Historic Resource Design Review – Minor Projects
Lot Line Adjustment – Application Requirements
Parcel Map – (4 or fewer lots created)
Planning Application Cover Page
Planned Unit Development
Project Description
Re-roof Permit Application
Sign Permit
Site and Design Review – Minor
Site and Design Review – Major
Special Inspection and Testing Form
Zoning Text Amendment
Informal Project Review

San Juan Bautista Standard Plans – Updated 12/7/16

Section A – Street Improvements
Section B – Water Improvements
Section C – Sewer Improvements
Section D – Storm Drain Improvements
Section E – Pipe Bedding and Trench Backfill


The San Juan Bautista General Plan map and Zoning map are available here! Click to view.

Zoning & GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Map
Public users can access the application and/or download parcels, intersections, street centerlines, and zoning data for San Juan Bautista and surrounding areas.

Design Guidelines
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8


San Juan Bautista 2035 General Plan:

San Juan Bautista General Plan Update 2035 administrative and background report draft.

Permitted and Conditional Uses by Zoning table

This table shows all the permitted uses and uses that require a conditional use permit (CUP) and site review in each respective zone. If there is nothing listed on the zone for a use, it is not allowed. The City is currently amending this table, please attend the upcoming regular meeting of the Historic Resources Board/ Planning Commission to voice your opinions, concerns, and have input in this amendment.

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Housing Financial Assistance
A variety of State and federal housing programs benefit lower income households through low interest loans to developers of affordable housing and technical assistance to lower income households wishing to build their own homes. The California Housing Finance Agency also provides low interest loans, grants and subsidies through the sale of tax-exempt notes and bonds. The Rural Housing Assistance Program provides direct loans to private or non-profit developers to acquire and develop land in rural areas. This program, along with the California Self-Help Housing Program, provides technical assistance grants for training, loan counseling, and mortgage assistance benefiting lower and moderate income households. The City will encourage non-profit developers in the region to utilize these programs within San Juan Bautista.

Please visit these websites for additional information:


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