Strategic Planning Committee


The Strategic Planning Committee is tasked with creating tactical implementation plans that help achieve the Goals, Objectives, Policies, and Programs included in the City of San Juan Bautista 2035 General Plan.  In doing so, we advise and assist the City Council in the implementation of the General Plan.

The Implementation Matrix, which contains the programs that guide our work, can be viewed HERE.

The Committee is divided into sub-committees. The sub-committees receive input from the community, research ideas and help the City Council put those plans into action.

The committees are,

  1. Historic Preservation & Community Design Sub-Committee
  2. Business Development and Tourism
  3. Arts, Culture, Recreation & Wellness
  4. Government & Communications
  5. Agriculture Environment & Land Use
  6. Youth
  7. Vision-Mission Statements


Membership on the Strategic Plan Committee shall be representative of the entire community insofar as that is possible in order to provide a broad and all-inclusive vision of the community.

Members of the Strategic Plan Committee are appointed by the City Council of the City of San Juan Bautista.

The Committee:

Vice Chair Shawna Freels
Members: Matt Orbach Anthony Botelho
  Jennifer Colby Jolene Cosio
  Teresa Lavagnino Estrella Esparza-Johnson
  Shawna Freels
  Maria Elena Madrigal Donna Holmes
  John Freeman

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Strategic Planning Committee Agenda – July 6, 2017